Keep It Real Food Co.

Keep It Real Food Co. started as a company called Grain Expectations by the talented Katie Coleman who was (is) determined to create low-glycemic snacks that are friendly to diabetics. (She was diagnosed with Type 1 at age eleven.) I worked with her in the early days to come up with packaging she could digitally print in small quantities, and then when she moved to grain-free products I helped come up with the new identity and name "Keep It Real Food Co." All along we tried to maintain the small-batch, handmade feel through natural materials and monotone inks (white and chocolate). I was no longer involved once her products were in professional production, but she is still using many of the designs on the current packaging on Whole Foods shelves.
Mocks for no-grain granola on KraftPack.
Below, grain-free granola packaging, for ease of printing labels in low quantities to attach to pre-purchased clear bags. 
Explorations for a more sophisticated style and more minimalist packaging.
Below, social media banners.
Below, sub-brand created for catering, farmers markets, and product-experiments.
Postcard template for events, markets, etc.
Shirt designs
Wordmark sketches
Below, both used and unused wordmarks and mockups.

& more

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DAVP and other logos
pre-2012 web & email work
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