Long before I had a computer I was an artist. I've used talents for traditional art in many digital applications over the years. Photo editing is especially close to my heart. Subtle changes of an eyebrow or color tone can dramatically change an impression, and there's something magical about creating a photorealistic element from scratch. 
Restaurants Unlimited Inc. ran a campaign that required a shoot in the Portland City Grill kitchen during business hours and from a very tight corner in order to get an angle that showed the kitchen in the background, a hero shot of the chefs, and a table spread. Alice Falzone of Mosca Photo did the shoot; I art directed. Below are images of the before and after of the photo editing before I handed it off to the agency that got to do the ads. Editing included moving items in the background, removing halos, fixing perspective, and changing expressions to be happier.
In 2009 I did the art direction for the 2010 spring line product photo shoot for Rosanna Inc. (photographer John Granen). I then did all the photo editing and layout for the Spring 2010 Rosanna Catalog. I don't have copies of the original photography, but below are two images that provided particularly noteworthy challenges.

Below on the right is a tea collection with heavy patterning called "Artist Loft". The teapot and the cup that is above and to the left of the teapot we didn't receive samples of in time for the shoot. We had the forms, which I painted white to use in the shoot. Then I lay the artwork on the photograph digitally. I took advantage of 3D form wrapping in Illustrator for some of it, but most of the work was done directly in Photoshop.
In the actual Le Petit Hameau Collection shot (edited shown below—I don't have the original photo files), there were no plates on the wall and the bottom tray in the two tier serving plate was blank (as we also did not receive that sample in time for the photo shoot). After the photo-shoot, I took photos of the plates in the office, trying to mimic where highlights would be, and placed them in the photograph, using Photoshop to add wall shadows and reflections in the glass.
Other photo editing includes:

POSITIVE ACTION INC.:  Several times I had to make stock photos of kids look age appropriate for the materials: Positive Action, Inc. had a material for 9th graders and we had a great stock image, but the boy in the photo looked more like a teenager, so I had to edit his features to look older. Also in the other direction: for instance, they had a stock image of a guy who looked 17-18  and they needed him to look 13 so I had to edit his features to look younger.

SPACECRAFT CLOTHING: I editied photos of models to remove blemishes and make them look more fit and trim. I also edited the clothing and products to be as color-accurate as possible for web, and then as color-accurate as possible for printing via a Pantone Bridge book.

DIGITAL PHOTO RESTORATION of old or damaged photos. See Behance project titled Photo Restoration.

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